Hospitality has been part of the Judeo-Christian Tradition from the beginning. In Scripture, we find Abraham entertaining angels and offering them a special hospitality. This ministry team is inviting people who have the gifts and graces to express social warmth, who have an honest smile, heartfelt handshake, and are sincere to assist in the Ministry of Hospitality. Hospitality Ministers are the welcoming faces of the liturgy. Duties include greeting the people as they arrive; inviting the people in the assembly to take active participation in the Mass. Other duties are planning and preparing for funeral luncheons, receptions and other special events such as scheduled coffee and donuts’ weekends.


Greeters are the first people to welcome a new person or family at the entrances to the church. Their primary task is to create an initial atmosphere of love, unity and enthusiasm for our visitors. Why is this important? Our Church can at times be an unwelcoming place to some and we never know what the circumstances are in an individual’s life. The skills and talents of Greeters, a smile and a handshake, can make the difference in someone’s decision to come back.


Ushers serve as the gracious hosts for all attending a mass, assuring that everything is in order for them when they arrive. Being an Usher requires teamwork to coordinate the hosting process. Ushers facilitate all seating in the Sanctuary, waiting to seat latecomers until after the Readings, distribute missals and worship aids, receive the offering, and hand out Sunday bulletins. Ushers also remain after the mass to straighten the Sanctuary. It’s the ministry that makes the difference in every Sunday liturgy.