Knights Peter Claver

We are a fraternal organization of Roman Catholic men and women dedicated to serving our God, Church, and communities. Our Noble Order’s patron is Father Peter Claver, a Jesuit priest who was an advocate for African slaves.

Goals and Objectives of the Order:

  • To be a supporter to the local parishes and to the Bishop of the diocese
  • To participate collectively in various parish and community activities
  • To promote civic improvements and social justice
  • To encourage Lay Apostolic and Catholic action
  • To make contributions to worthwhile causes
  • To award scholarships and support education
  • To foster recreational assemblies and facilities
  • To develop youth in a positive, nurturing environment
  • To provide social and intellectual fellowship for its members Membership

Membership is open to any active practicing Catholic woman, man or child desiring membership who will actively support the principles and activities of the Court.
Meetings / Conventions

Meetings are held the second Saturday of the month at 11:00a.m. Meeting location is Campion Hall, Holy Rosary-St. John Catholic Church — 648 South Ohio Ave., Columbus, Ohio. Members have the opportunity to participate in the annual National and Northern District conferences.

Our Court members receive a quarterly calendar that includes all quarterly events, reports, and upcoming activities for the Court.