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Welcome Missionaries

Hello everyone, we are Maria Clementina and Leticia, lay missionaries part of the Missionaries Servants of the Word that will be working at St. Thomas the Apostle. The charisma of our community is to “Evangelize the laity to evangelize with the laity”. We offer Bible study at church or at your home, we pray the rosary with families, visit the houses around the parish area, we organize retreats, and many other things that will help us grow spiritually and in our faith. We are grateful that you let us be part of your community, and are very excited to get to know each one of you. May God bless you.

Hola a todos, somos Maria Clementina y Leticia, misioneras laicas de la comunidad de los Misioneros Servidores de la Palabra que estaran apoyando en Santo Tomas Apostol. El carisma de nuestra comunidad es “Evangelizar a los laicos para evangelizar con los laicos”. Ofrecemos estudio biblico en la parroquia o los hogares, rezamos el rosario con las familias, visitamos los hogares alrededor de la parroquia, organizamos retiros, y muchas otras actividades que nos ayuden a crecer espiritualmente y en nuestra fe. Estamos agradecidas que nos permitan ser parte de su comunidad y muy emocionadas de poder conocer a cada uno de ustedes. Dios los bendiga.

Welcome To Saint Thomas The Apostle Catholic Church

Father Mike Gentry

As Jesus began his ministry on earth, the disciples discovered in him the fulfillment of God’s promise to offer salvation to each and every one of us. When they discovered this, they invited those seeking fulfillment and peace to come and see that God has the same in store for them. Here at Saint Thomas, we invite you to come and see all that the Lord has in store:

Healing for all that has wounded us. Relief from all anxiety and estrangement. Hope that comes from knowing God and sharing his life. We are a community of disciples who daily connect life and faith through the sacramental life of the Church and so, discover the new and abundant life that God has in store for each of us.

As persons

As families
As a community
And, ultimately, as the whole world
If you are seeking Christ and new life in him, come and see him here at Saint Thomas.

Daily Readings